The Significance of Krishna's 108 Names in Hinduism

The 108 names of Lord Krishna are a significant aspect of Hinduism and hold great importance among Krishna devotees. Each name represents a unique quality of the Lord, describing his various attributes, actions, and roles. Some of the most popular names include Govinda, Gopala, Madhava, Narayana, Shyam, Damodara, and Radha Vallabha.

Reciting or chanting these names is considered a form of spiritual practice in Hinduism and is said to bring blessings, peace, and protection to the devotee. It is believed that by invoking the various qualities of Lord Krishna through his names, one can become closer to him and attain spiritual growth.

Krishna's 108 Names

The significance of the number 108 holds great importance in Hinduism, as it is believed to represent the wholeness and completeness of the universe. Chanting the 108 names of Lord Krishna is therefore seen as a sacred practice that helps one connect with the divine and achieve inner harmony.

Overall, the 108 names of Lord Krishna serve as a reminder of his divine nature and inspire devotion and reverence among his followers.



1. Krishna

Dark complexioned Lord

2. Achyuta

Infallible Lord

3. Govinda

One who pleases cows, senses and souls

4. Gopala

Protector of cows

5. Kanha

Lord of attraction

6. Madhava

Husband of Goddess of wealth

7. Madhusudana

Slayer of demon Madhu

8. Narayana

Resting place of all beings

9. Vasudeva

Son of Vasudeva

10. Vishnu

All-pervading Lord

11. Hari

Remover of sins

12. Keshava

Slayer of demon Keshi

13. Murari

Slayer of demon Mura

14. Rama

Source of joy

15. Shyam

Dark and handsome Lord

16. Damodara

One who was tied with a rope around his waist in childhood

17. Janardana

One who grants boons to his devotees

18. Mukunda

Giver of liberation

19. Madan Mohan

Enchanter of Cupid

20. Radha Vallabha

Beloved of Radha

21. Gokulananda

Bliss of Gokula

22. Giridhari

Holder of Govardhan hill

23. Dwarkadhish

King of Dwarka

24. Ranchor

One who fled from battle

25. Vasuki Vallabha

Lover of Vasuki

26. Yadunandana

Son of Yadu

27. Yashoda Nandan

Son of Yashoda

28. Brajeshwara

Lord of Vrindavan

29. Devakinandan

Son of Devaki

30. Jagannatha

Lord of the universe

31. Kamsantaka

Slayer of demon Kamsa

32. Pradyumna

Son of Lord Krishna

33. Shauri

Descendant of Shura

34. Syamantaka

Owner of Syamantaka gem

35. Uddhava

Friend of Lord Krishna

36. Vanamali

Wearer of garland of forest flowers

37. Vrishabhanu Bihari

Lover of Vrishabhanu's daughter Radha

38. Dwarkapati

Lord of Dwarka

39. Ananta

Infinite Lord

40. Bhagavan

The Supreme Personality of Godhead

41. Jaganmayaya

Creator of the world

42. Kripalu

Merciful Lord

43. Mahendra

Lord of Indra

44. Navanita Chora

Stealer of butter

45. Parijatadhara

Holder of Parijata flower

46. Rangadeva

Lord of melody

47. Sarvajna

All-knowing Lord

48. Tribhuvana Palaka

Protector of three worlds

49. Venu Gopala

One who plays the flute

50. Yogeshwara

Lord of yoga

51. Brahma Nishkramana

Creator of the universe

52. Chaturbhuj

Four-armed Lord

53. Dvaraka Natha

Lord of Dwarka

54. Govardhana Dhari

Holder of Govardhan hill

55. Jagadguru

Preceptor of the world

56. Kaliya Mardana

Slayer of serpent Kaliya

57. Lokanatha

Lord of all worlds

58. Manmatha

God of love

59. Navala Krishna

New-born baby Krishna

60. Prabhu


61. Shyamsundara

Beautiful dark Lord

62. Tribhuvana Mohana

Enchanter of three worlds

63. Vrindavana Bihari

Lover of Vrindavan

64. Chakradhari

Wielder of Sudarshana chakra

65. Dwarakapati

King of Dwarka



66. Garudadhvaja

One who has Garuda on his flag

67. Hrishikesha

Lord of the mind and senses

68. Jaganmohan

All-attractive Lord of the universe

69. Kamalnathji

Lord of lotus

70. Madana Gopala

Lover of cows

71. Navanitachora

Stealer of butter

72. Prajapati

Lord of all creatures

73. Shaurya

Symbol of bravery

74. Trivikrama

Conqueror of three worlds

75. Vrindavan Chandra

Moon of Vrindavan

76. Dayakara

Most merciful

77. Govinda Hari

One who pleases cows and removes sins

78. Jagatkartta

Creator of the world

79. Kamsari

Enemy of demon Kamsa

80. Madhuripu

Sweet enemy

81. Nandakishore

Young son of Nanda Maharaja

82. Purushottama

Supreme person

83. Shantah

Peaceful Lord

84. Triyuga

Lord of three ages

85. Vrajendra

King of Vraja

86. Yogi

The Supreme yogi

87. Chanchala

Ever playful

88. Dwarka Vasini

Resident of Dwarka

89. Giridhari

Holder of Govardhan hill

90. Janma Karma Cha Me Divyam

Lord with divine birth and deeds

91. Kamsari Gopa Gopala

Protector of cowherds from demon Kamsa

92. Madhava Priyadarshana

Appearing lovely to Madhava

93. Nandagopa Kulajata

Born in the family of Nandagopa

94. Radha Ramana

Lover of Radha

95. Shyama Sundara

Beautiful dark Lord

96. Triloka Natha

Lord of three worlds

97. Vraja Madhava

Lord of Vraja

98. Yashoda Ke Balak

Child of Yashoda

99. Chitta Chora

One who steals the heart

100. Dina Natha

Protector of the poor

101. Girivaradhari

Holder of Govardhan hill

102. Jaya Jagadisha Hare

Victorious Lord of the universe

103. Kaliya Damana

Subduer of Kaliya serpent

104. Nanda Nandana

Son of Nanda Maharaja

105. Rasa Bihari

Enjoyer of rasa dance

106. Shyama Gopala

Dark cowherd

107. Tribhangi

One who stands in three-fold bending posture

108. Vrindavana Vilasini

Lila performer of Vrindavan

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