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Outlines: Introduction: Classifications of rivers: Nature. Importance Demerits; Conclusion

Bangladesh is a riverine country. There is no other country in the world that has so many rivers. In brief, rivers are a great source of her health, wealth and joy.

Classifications of rivers: 
Two classes of rivers are there in our country. The Padma. the Meghna, and the Brahmaputra are big and others like the Burignaga. the Karnafuly are small. But all of them are full to the brim in the rainy season. 
Rivers are usually calm in winter. But they become very fearful in summer and autumn.

The rivers play an important role in the economy of our country Bangladesh is an agricultural country Paddy and Jute are its main crops which require a good deal of water for their growth. Rivers help them grow in plenty as they make soil wonderfully fertile by supplying water. Some of our rivers are the source of energy. Goalpara and karnafuly hydro-electric projects are used to solve the electricity problems.

Fish is another asset of Bangladesh. Rivers supply sufficient fish. Fish is an item of food. The fishermen catch fish and sell them in markets. Rivers also play an important role in the field of communication. Steamers, Launches and boats ply through them all year round.

 Rivers often overflow their banks causing floods and damaging crops, even houses and cattle. People cannot go from one place to another on foot. Thus they often bring us miseries and misfortunes.

Like all other objects of nature rivers also are not an unmixed blessing. Rivers greatly influence the lives of the people in many ways.
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