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Outlines: Introduction: When and where took place; The tragic sight: Relief work: Conclusion


Tragic street accident often happen due to the carelessness of pedestrians. Such an accident happened a few days ago for the carelessness of a boy crossing the road.

When and where took place:

 It was about 10 p.m. We were going to school. Owing to heavy traffic block we stood at the junction of Mirpur and Azimpur roads. Just then at young boy was crossing road. Scarcely had he gone a few steps when a truck came rushing from the north. The boy was on the east side of the road. The driver pulled the brake, but it was too late. The wretched boy was at once knocked down and run over.

The tragic sight: 

The people present there raised a hue and cry. Many of them surrounded the truck and began to abuse and assault the driver. An old gentleman drew out the body of the boy from under the truck and saw that he was still alive. He had serious wounds on his forehead and one of his hands broken. It was a tragic sight Indeed.

Relief work: 

We at once hired a baby taxi and took the boy to the Medical College Hospital. The doctor left the pulse of the boy and said that the case was not hopeful. We then parted from him with a heavy heart.


 Next morning we got the news that the boy had breathed his last at midnight. It shocked me so much that I could not attend to my normal duties for a week. So I have an advice for all to be careful on their way to go everywhere and request to the drivers not to drive their vehicles recklessly.

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