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zoo (short for the zoological garden; also called an animal park or menagerie) is a facility in which animals are housed within enclosures, cared for, displayed to the public, and in some cases breeding for conservation purposes. 

A Visit To A Zoo

 A Visit To A Zoo

Outlines: Introduction: First impression: Details of the animals: Educative value of the visit: Conclusion


One day last December I went to pay a visit to the zoo at Mirpur, There is a big signboard at the entrance bearing the name of the zoo 

First impression:

I reached the place and looked about. I saw many men crowding at the entrance. The area covered by the zoo is extensive. The housing and other arrangements for the animals were good. But they seemed inadequate still.

Details of the animals: 

At first, I went into the shed in which the monkeys were. Before I could get near them I could hear their chattering. They were jumping from one bar to another. I killed their performances and gave them a whole bunch of plantains.

My attention was next drawn to the cage in which there were two big snakes. They seemed to be asleep. But I am sure that if any one of them could get at me, it would have smashed my bones by colling itself round. The sight of snakes makes my blood creep. So I was glad to go away from them. Then I turned my eyes from them to a porcupine. It had long quills sticking out. I then saw some deer whose beautiful eyes attracted me. I had never seen deer before. Then I turned away from them to the place where the tigers were held in a cage. They greeted me and many others with loud growls. I wondered what must be their strength when they were wild. After tigers came the lions. They impressed me with their majesty.

I felt rather happy when I visited the birds. They were of various colours and shapes. They were large in number I saw two crocodiles kept in a small pond. They were. however, very weak and seemed to be half dead. I felt pity for them. I also saw a Gorilla. I could guess its great physical strength even from a distance. I also visited some other beasts. land and water.

Educative value of the visit: 

I could gather some experience about the animal world from this visit. I had little knowledge about the nature and behavior of the birds and beasts before. But this visit gave me first-hand knowledge about some birds and beasts that visited.


 The zoo needs further improvement. It lacks many animals that a good zoo must keep. Proper measures should also be taken to further improve its management. The sight of the birds and animals however gave me great joy. Yet 1 felt tired after a visit of long four or five hours. So at last I left the place with a joyful. experience.

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