Different Part of Personal Computer

The total computer system is divided into two part:
  • 1) Hardware
  • 2) Software


The Internal ,external mechanical,technical and repairing section of any object is call hardware.When is related to computer it is call computer hardware.In one word,the physical part of computer is Hardware.Example of Hardware-Mouse,Monitor,keyboard,printer,scanner,plotter,etc..


Software is a set of programs to do a job using the hardware.A program is a set of commends and  commends is a set of instructions.Example of software-Ms word,Ms excel,Ms power point,etc..Software may be two type-

Application Software:

Application Software are a set of a programs designed to carry out orations for a specific application.
application software are different type-
  • D.T.P(Desk Top Publishing)
  • FA(Financial Accounting)
  • Auto Card(Automatic Computer Aided Design)
  • DBMS(Data Base Management System)
  • Spreadsheet
  • Word processor

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